2023 Renovation Ideas

Happy New Year! It’s 2023 and maybe the year you finally move forward on your big renovation project. If a renovation is on your resolution list, here are some popular renovations we see trending in 2023.


The Bathroom


Always a top renovation project, no matter what year, a bathroom renovation will continue to be a significant project trend this year. What features are hot design trends now? First, people want to make their bathrooms more functional and efficient. We expect more double vanities and increased storage options to keep your space clean.


We also are seeing a rise in spa-style bathrooms. These include the popular rain shower head and luxury heated floors. Colourful tiles are also a great way to add some colour and pattern to the space.


The Kitchen


If this year is your kitchen reno year, here are some great ideas to consider. A quick, easy way to refresh your kitchen is to put in a new backsplash or replace your appliances. Your general contractor can show you popular design trends to work in your kitchen. You can be sure that designs with more functionality, storage and efficiency will be top sellers.


The Outdoors


If you want to update your backyard, refreshing your patio or outdoor living space is expected to be popular again this year. Putting in a new deck, patio, or landscaping is a great trend to consider for your home.


Overall Trends


Beyond the three area highlights above, here are some overall design trends to look out for in 2023.


With flooring, bold and patterned tiles with different shapes, sizes and colours are making a comeback this year. Reclaimed wood floors are trendy as people move away from carpets. Luxury hardwood flooring over laminate and vinyl is also expected to see a popularity boost. For an environmentally friendly option, cork flooring is on the rise. Even stone floors for an added touch of luxury are rising in popularity.


Homeowners are continuing to opt for more open-concept design layouts. Whether that be a kitchen, living room or dining room, open-concept designs are still going strong. Without all those walls, open-concept layouts are more spacious, and airy, and can add more natural light to the room. You’ll have a more spacious and open home, with a better flow that helps entertaining and living to be a little easier. Adding an open-concept design to your renovation will definitely add value to your home.


As environmentalism grows in popularity, so does the trend of retrofitting homes to be more sustainable and energy-saving. Many homeowners are looking for ways to improve their homes to be more green-conscious and help save money on energy bills. Adding solar panels to your roof is a popular choice to reduce your carbon footprint and help save money on energy costs. They have also benefited from lower prices in recent years which can further be offset by retrofit grants available from the government. An easy way to improve energy efficiency in your home is to upgrade your appliances that are newer, energy-efficient models.


2023 is going to be a year where homeowners want to increase functionality, value, and efficiency in their homes, while also working from a greener focus. Speak with your contractor about how you can incorporate popular trends in your renovation this year. For quality kitchen and bathroom renovations in Hamilton, contact us at Marvellous Contracting inc for a free quote today.

Written by Aaron P

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