Elevate Your Bathroom with a New Bathroom Vanity

Enjoy a new bathroom vanity that will make your daily routine much easier and make your bathroom look more sophisticated. Reach out to our team to get a better vanity!

A Bathroom Vanity that Meets Your Needs

Our specialists will provide a bathroom vanity with:

  • Enough Storage Space. Your bathroom vanity will maximize the space and hold all your bath and grooming essentials.
  • The Right Sink. You can choose between a single or double-basin sink.
  • Precise Measurements. Your new vanity will fit in your bathroom space perfectly, with enough clearance for doors.
  • A Gorgeous Design. Whether you want a unique vanity or something that matches your current bathroom, we’ll help you select the best one.
  • The Right Price. We’ll stick to your budget in offering bathroom vanity options.

Bathroom Design Specialists

Vanities are an integral part of the bathroom, so we pay attention to every detail.

Over 70 Years of Combined Experience

Choose from bathroom vanities manufactured and curated by seasoned tradespeople.

Quality at the Best Price

At competitive prices, you’ll get excellent workmanship.

Design Expertise

We provide bathroom vanities that balance style and utility.

Bathroom Vanity Projects

What Our Clients Say

Marvellous Contracting provided me with a beautiful, Victorian-inspired vanity and it took my bathroom to a whole new level. I love your work, and maybe we’ll do another project in the future!

-Alyssa Leblanc

The new vanity from Marvellous Contracting saves us a lot of fuss. We no longer fight over the sink or storage. It’s such a huge convenience, thanks a lot.

-Jamie Ross

Bathroom Vanity FAQs

What are the mounting styles for a bathroom vanity?

You can choose from freestanding, wall-mounted, or corner-mounted bathroom vanities. Freestanding vanities offer the most storage, while the wall-mounted ones take up less space. Corner-mounted vanities are ideal for smaller spaces. If you’re not sure which would suit your bathroom, our specialists will gladly help.

What bathroom vanity accessories should I consider?

Apart from the style and material of the bathroom vanity, you should also think about the cabinet hardware, lighting, and mirrors. These make a world of difference in how your vanity looks.

What sink types do you have?

You may choose from four sink types. If you’re not sure which design to pick, our specialists will be glad to help:

  • Integral Sink – The sink is set into the vanity’s countertop. It’s made of the same material as the countertop.
  • Undermount Sink – The sink lays at the bottom of the countertop and is lined with a rim.
  • Vessel Sink – The sink sits on top of the countertop.
  • Drop-In Sink – The sink seamlessly “drops” into the countertop.

I might want to renovate my entire bathroom. Does your team do renovations?

Yes, we do. Apart from providing the best bathroom vanities, Marvellous Contracting is also licensed to renovate bathrooms in homes across Hamilton and the GTA. We’ll reconfigure your space to meet your needs and preferences. Get in touch with our team to discuss what you want for your new bathroom.

Let’s Discuss Your New Bathroom Vanity

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