Flooring to Consider in 2023

New Year’s brings new renovation plans. If you are looking to update and replace some dated flooring around your home, here are some key trends expected to be popular this year.


Blending Old and New


One trend expected to be popular is combining modern design with a hint of vintage. This makes for a futuristic/retro combination that is quite eye-catching and interesting.


Some ideas to consider are hand-scrapped hardwood flooring or laminate that looks like actual wood. Hardwood floors are the embodiment of vintage/retro flooring. Combining that with modern textures, eco-friendly options and animal prints will make for a bold space.


Adding Curves


Sleek curves in architectural and interior design is big in 2023. No more crisp, straight lines throughout. Now, look for archways between rooms and curbed furniture pieces. 


To add curves with flooring, look for sculpted and tufted pattern carpets with movement and curved design. Or, classic hardwood flooring with natural curved lines and knots will also work wonders for your space.




In 2023, interior designers will want to play with colour and a lot of it. It’s a new year to feel energized and get back into a bit of normalcy after the last three years. Bright colours are in, as well as classic blushes and navy. Nature-inspired looks are also expected to pop this year.


With flooring choices, you can add big colour with carpets in bright colours (yellow, red, blue, green, etc). You can also play with different shades of wood flooring. To really play with colours, consider combining different flooring options in one space to add some boldness in a visually stylistic way.




Design trends this year are expected to wow with pattern and texture. Consider herringbone patterns for your floor tiles/planks, on your main floor or in your foyer. It does not need to be kept in a bathroom, mudroom or laundry room. It is now ready to make an impact in your home. One tile to consider is terrazzo, which comes in bright colours and more subtle looks.


Look for graphic patterns, marble and bold colours in your flooring choices. Combining herringbone, checkerboard, or chevron patterns with luxury vinyl or wood can be a stunning upgrade to your space.


Stay Vintage

There is nothing more exciting design-wise, than going with a bold vintage look. Design ideas include using repurposed elements in contemporary spaces. 2023 is the year-old is new again. 


For flooring, rustic-style hardwood is sure to be a top seller. Natural stone can also add a bold style to your space. Embossed dark stain laminate or black hickory hardwood is also a strong style choice for updating your floor. They offer a distressed, repurposed flooring look for a striking vintage vibe. Not only that, it’s a cost-effective way to keep your renovation within a tight budget.


If you are ready to update your home with new style trends, work with a trusted renovation company in Toronto.

Written by Aaron P

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