Improve Your Kitchen with Beautiful, New Cabinets

Your new kitchen cabinets will elevate your kitchen’s look, maximize storage, and make cooking and dining even more enjoyable. Get in touch with our team to get beautiful, new cabinets.


Kitchen Cabinets that Meet Your Needs

Our crew will provide kitchen cabinets that:

  • Offer Enough Storage. Everything, from large pots to small spice jars, will have a place in the kitchen.
  • Fit Your Design Preferences. Whether you like traditional shakers or flat-front panels, we’ll make it happen.
  • Fit Your Budget. We’ll stick to your budget closely without compromising design and quality.
  • Have Precise Measurements. Your cabinets will make the most of every inch while having enough clearance for the drawers to open.

Elevated Craftsmanship

Kitchen cabinets take up a huge amount of visual space, so we pay attention to every detail.

Over 70 Years of Combined Experience

Get kitchen cabinets that are manufactured and curated by seasoned tradespeople in Hamilton.

Design Expertise

Experienced specialists will help you choose cabinets that balance form and function.

The Best Price

At competitive prices, you’ll get high-quality and sophisticated cabinetry work.

Kitchen Cabinets Projects

What Our Clients Say

Thanks to the new kitchen cabinets from Marvellous Contracting, food prep is a breeze. Everything is wonderfully organized, and all utensils are within reach. Thanks a lot to your team!

-Jill Clark

I’m very particular with my kitchen cabinets because want them in this exact color, design, etc. But your crew was very accommodating and in the end I got the cabinets I wanted. Five star service!

-Belle King

Kitchen Cabinets FAQs

When should I change my kitchen cabinets?

We recommend installing new kitchen cabinets if 1) your old cabinets pose safety hazards; 2) they no longer serve a proper function; 3) they’re damaged; and 4) you no longer like the way they look. If you install new cabinets, kitchen activities would be easier and safer. Plus, you refresh your kitchen’s design.

What are popular kitchen cabinet styles today?

The trend of kitchen cabinetry leans toward minimalistic, clean, and sleek. Lots of projects employ neutral colors, such as beige, taupe, and grey. However, we want you to follow what you want and not what everybody does. Your kitchen design is a reflection of you.

Which is better: open or closed storage?

It depends on your preferences. Open shelves make the space look bigger and break visual monotony. Meanwhile, closed storage makes the space look uncluttered. Our team will help you pick the best cabinets for your needs.

How do I choose the right cabinet color?

We suggest taking your cue from the style of your cabinets. If they have a traditional or country home design, classic colors like cream and white will look best. If they have a modern design, you can choose bold colors, such as green, teal, or brick red.

Size is also a good guide. Small kitchens would benefit from light colors, while spacious kitchens would look cozier with dark-colored cabinets.

You don’t have to be boxed into just one color, too. You can choose two shades of one color to add visual interest. For example, the wall cabinets could be painted in a lighter shade, while the base cabinets could be painted in a darker shade.  

Let’s Discuss Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Schedule your free consultation now, and tell us what you want for your new kitchen cabinets.