Kitchen Renovation Musts

Ready to start working on that dream kitchen in your home? You don’t need to move houses to find it. You can build it yourself, with a trusted contractor at your side. Once you’re ready to begin, it’s essential not to forget the musts you should put in for long-term optimization.


When working on a dream kitchen, there are a few important elements that you will want to consider in order to maximize the longevity of your renovation. These are simple practical solutions for storage, waste, and pantries. Follow these tips to ensure your dream renovation can last.


Deep Drawers


Drawers do not come in standard dimensions these days. They are immensely customizable to fit various depths and widths. Deep storage drawers come in handy for pots and pans whereas shallower drawers are perfect for utensils and cutlery. Those lower cupboards are often replaced with more drawers because you can hold so much more easily and make contents more accessible. And, with drawers, make sure you add soft-close dampening systems to make them glide smoothly and silently. 


Drawer/Cabinet Organization


Add inserts or dividers into your drawers to create mini compartments in them. This makes your storage options endless and can vastly change how you use your drawers. Include pull-out drawers within a deep drawer (an English Drawer) to organize cutlery or larger utensils. Or have another English drawer where the bottom holds pots and the top shelf holds the lids!


Dividers can also help you store certain items vertically. These can be cutting boards, baking sheets, pizza pans, muffin trays etc. This makes it much easier to pull them out when you need them (instead of just having them all stacked one on top of another).


Storage for Small Appliances


Your collection of small appliances does not need to just sit on your countertop, taking up valuable real estate and creating clutter. You may keep the essentials, like a toaster and coffee maker, but add a storage option for the appliances you don’t use regularly. There are many trending solutions available to hide away the seltzer maker, crock pot, blender, stand mixer, or whatever else you own.


One such item is an appliance garage. This is a cabinet exclusively for storing those numerous small appliances. You can even add electrical outlets to them so that the appliances can be used when it’s open! Appliance garages can be outfitted with stylish roll-up doors (like a real garage) or pocket doors that disappear into the wall when fully open. There are many options to make an appliance garage stylish, useful, and space-saving.


Those Pesky Corner Cabinets


You can use those oddly shaped corner cabinets in your typical U or L-shaped kitchens. A lot of the time it stores things you don’t really need because of how hard it is to access what’s inside. However, you can turn that headache into a much-needed space.


The Magic Corner is a modern evolution of the lazy susan. This storage system unfolds outside of the cabinet so you can see and reach all of your contents.


The Corner Drawer is a newer trend that can be used as a catch-all space due to its interesting shape. Store oven mitts, scissors, pens and notepads, and batteries. Whatever you can fit that makes sense!




Pantries are wonderful storage solutions for snacks, dry goods, baking supplies, etc. There are many different types of pantries that you can add to your dream kitchen, depending on your space. You can design your pantry so you don’t forget or lose items deep in the back.


Add a pantry with sliding drawers that you can pull out. This allows you to readily get to contents that found their way to the back of your pantry.


Similar to sliding drawers would be a pull-out pantry. This system puts every shelf on a track you can pull out and easy access. Of course, you end up having to take out the entire pantry just to reach one shelf. But, if you like this idea, you can have a smaller pull-out pantry inside a cabinet near your food prep area or stove to store baking ingredients (oil, spices, herbs, etc).


Waste And Cleaning Supplies


Don’t forget about where to store your cleaning supplies or hideaway waste. You can add a pull-out waste drawer with built-in bins for waste, compost, and recycling. Make sure you put this near your sink or prep area for easy reach.


And, you’ll want a place to organize the cleaning products you wish to keep in your kitchen. The under-sink cabinet is not the ideal solution due to its jumble of the sink and pipes. So add a sliding drawer or make a special cabinet exclusively for household products.


Bypass Those High Shelves


There is a new solution in town to those high shelves you need step stools to reach. You can put drawers in the toe-kick under your cabinets. Why not make that panelling under your cabinets actually usable? These narrow drawers can be great to hold extra utensils, pots, pans, or tools that aren’t too bulky.


Now, these new drawer areas can also be replaced with a plinth drawer. This type of drawer acts as a stable step stool that can lock and stay securely in place. You won’t need a separate step stool to clutter up your home! You can just pull out a plinth drawer and there you go!


These few tips will help you save a ton of headaches when designing your dream kitchen. Go over your must-haves with your contractor and ensure you don’t forget about functionality! 


If you are ready to make your dream kitchen a reality, contact Marvellous Contracting Inc, the top-rated Hamilton contractor, for a no-obligation quote.

Written by Aaron P

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