Renovate on a Tight Budget

If you’re getting bogged down by dated decor or finishes in your home, or may want to sell in the near future, it may be time to think about renovations. Although, if you aren’t prepared for the financial commitment of a hefty renovation, deciding to move forward can be difficult. However, you can still revamp your home and increase some property value with minimal financial input. 


Here are some simple renovations that should not break the bank.


Interior Updates




Painting is a fast, inexpensive way to add a fresh look to a room or your entire home. Plus, it is one of the easier DIY renovations you could tackle without bringing in an expert. Professional painters will cost more but will benefit you in final appearance and saving you time.


Refinishing Floors


Dated hardwood flooring can start to look rough over time. But, you don’t have to rip it out and replace it. You can refinish, sand and re-stain your old floors to give them a boost and improve your home’s appearance. If your floors are still in relatively good shape, recoating is a cheaper alternative by just adding a new layer of protective varnish.


New Design


Sometimes just reconfiguring your interior design of a space is all the upgrade you need. Theme around certain patterns or colours and sell, refurbish or upcycle furniture you no longer need. You can unify your room’s design to give it a bold look or fresh factor.




New Appliances


Upgrading your appliances will add some life to your kitchen without breaking the bank. You may also be able to take advantage of stores that offer package discounts when you buy multiple new appliances at the same time.


Cabinet Upgrades


Instead of replacing your cabinets with a whole new set, give them a fresh coat of paint or finish to modernize their look and make them feel new. Refacing your cabinets is another cost-effective way to improve your kitchen without fully gutting your existing cabinets and drawers.


New Counters

Just replacing your countertop is a very effective way of enhancing your kitchen’s appearance and value. You can easily get rid of your old counter and upgrade it will a beautiful new slab of stone or laminate.


New Backsplash


You can re-do or add a backsplash to your kitchen. This is a very simple DIY as well, as many stores offer pre-made peel-and-stick sheets you can just put up with little effort. 




Off the Shelf Vanities


Buying a pre-made vanity is a great budget-friendly purchase. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours to fit existing bathrooms without requiring much demo work to install. If you want to DIY, you’ll need a basic knowledge of plumbing to hook up your sinks. Working with a professional plumber/contractor to install will help you avoid any problems.


New  Shower or Tub


You can replace and update dated showers and tubs with pre-fabricated kits that come fully ready to assemble. You can also get new tubs that fit over existing tubs so you don’t need to pay for any demolition and removal!






If your home looks dirty and worn from the outside, consider getting a professional exterior cleaning service to power-wash siding, windows, etc. It can damage your exterior, so working with a professional is always the safer way to go. 


Add A Patio or Deck


Upgrading your yard with a stunning new patio or deck will make your backyard inviting and a fun place to relax on a warm summer day.




While renovations to your home can be pricey, it is possible to make some upgrades on a tight budget to re-invent your space and add an air of freshness to your home. Those home improvements can add a well-needed boost of positivity to your mood and lifestyle with little investment. For your next renovation project, work with a Baeumler approved contractor in Hamilton, and give Marvellous Contracting a call today,

Written by Aaron P

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