Renovate Your Bathroom on a Tight Budget

Your bathroom is getting dated, fixtures may not be working properly anymore. You really need a renovation but your budget is tight at the moment. That’s ok. Of course, a full renovation may take an investment you can’t afford right now, but you do not have to spend an arm and a leg on a new bathroom. For some budget-friendly renovations, keep reading on for tips and tricks to refresh on a budget.


The Vanity


If your vanity is worn and torn and needs a refresh, it can be simple to fix. While a custom vanity that perfectly fits your space is out of reach, you can often find made-to-order vanities that do the job just as well. Work with your contractor to get exact measurements for the space your new vanity will go. Then, shop around at home renovation stores or any suppliers that your contractor recommends to get the best deal. Many prefabricated vanities come complete with counters and a sink already included. You just need to provide the plumbing fixtures, which come in a range of budget-friendly options. This way you can get a beautiful new vanity with plumbing fixtures at a fraction of the cost of custom units.




If the fixtures are really the only part of your bathroom that needs replacing, installing new, modern fixtures will definitely revitalize the space without breaking the bank. New tub faucets, shower heads, and sink fixtures will improve the look of your bathroom and its efficiency. You can even get water-efficient and low-flow models to help cut back on wastewater expenses.


If your budget has a bit more room, replace your toilet and tub with new models that are space efficient and more eco-friendly.


You can also replace any light fixtures in your bathroom and upgrade to LED, energy-efficient bulbs to save on energy bills.


Replace Hardware


Often times the hardware in your bathroom gets worn down over the years. Your towel rack falls off the wall, knobs are loose on your cabinets, and the toilet paper holder is broken. These accessories are quite inexpensive and an easy cost-friendly solution to renovate your bathroom. Replace worn and dated hardware with new, modern styles that best complement your other new fixtures. 


A Fresh Coat of Paint


Settling for just a new paint colour in your bathroom, or combining it will some or all of the above can transform your bathroom from a dated look to a more bright and cheery space. Go for light, neutral colours that help make the space feel larger. Tones of white and light greens, blues and grey are popular right now.

Working with all of the above, or just picking and choosing a few pieces here and there can really help update your space on a tight budget. If you are looking for a professional bathroom renovation, contact Marvellous Contracting Inc for all your bathroom renovation needs.

Written by Aaron P

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