Simple Mistakes in Kitchen Renovations

Upgrading your kitchen is usually one of the first rooms you wish to renovate in your home. As one of the main rooms of importance, an upgraded kitchen often significantly improves the value of your home. It is important to put care, thought, and effort into planning a kitchen renovation and working with a qualified contractor. Here are some simple errors that people occasionally make that can hinder your renovation and cause difficult and complicated headaches once you break ground.


1 – No Budget


A budget is critical in crafting the proper renovation. Make sure it’s an amount you are comfortable paying. Focus on must-haves, but also note down ideas you would like to have. Working with a contractor can help sort out if your must-haves are within your budget. Plus, you want to set a realistic budget. Setting one too low can end up with shoddy craftsmanship, material, or an incomplete renovation. Too high and you might break the bank. So, plan accordingly on your budget before beginning any work.


2 – Making Purchases Blind


While you might walk into a store and see the perfect sink for your renovation project, hold up. If you are working with a contractor, they often have relationships with suppliers that can earn you a discount. Saving money will help keep your project within budget and you may be able to get better-quality materials too! Also, make sure you speak with your contractor about what is going to work for your renovation so you don’t end up buying appliances, objects, fixtures, or other items that will disrupt the work or conflict with what your contractor has put in. You don’t want to buy that sink you fell in love with and then bring it to your contractor who says it won’t fit in the countertop. Open communication with your contractor will make sure you purchase the right fixtures for your project and save money.


3 – Not Planning Any/Enough Storage


You will need storage in your kitchen, so do not forget to plan for it. Ample storage is critical to a functional kitchen. Your contractor will help devise creative ideas to best make the most of your space.


4 – Poor Appliance Choices


We get it, appliances are not wallet-friendly. But, you do not want to cheap out on your kitchen appliances. If you go for lower-end models to save money, note they may wear out quicker. They may also clash with the look and feel of the kitchen. Your contractor may have ideas on budget friendly options that will last and enhance the room.


The best way to avoid forgetting anything or making errors when renovating your kitchen is to work with a trusted general contractor. Marvellous Contracting Inc is a top-rated, and Bauemler Approved contractor servicing the greater Hamilton and Toronto areas. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Written by Aaron P

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