Tips for Your Springtime Renovation

Your upcoming spring-cleaning adventure does not need to be maintained just by cleaning out the dirt and clutter. Spring is also a great time to make some renovations to your home and refresh your space with a new beginning, just like all those flowers waiting to bloom. As spring begins, here are some tips to consider for springtime renovation projects.


Work With A Contractor


While many spring-cleaning renovations could be DIY-ready, it is always best to go with the pros. They have the experience, skills, and training to make sure everything is done right, the first time. Many times, contractors will also deal with any permits required and get the supplies needed in your project, so you don’t have to!


If you are hiring a contractor, make sure they are fully licensed and insured properly and up to date. Make sure they have relevant reviews and testimonials or referrals. The more experience they have can show they are credible and reliable.


Have A Contract


Even if it’s a small little job, everything should be in writing and cover everything from the total cost, payment schedules, and project scope. It can also include warranties and insurance information, as well as any penalties should the contract be broken in any case.


Renovate Your Exterior


If you don’t have a brick house, consider re-painting it, or certain features such as trim and shutters. Look into installing a new exterior lighting setup that’s both energy efficient and pleasing to look at in the evening. You can also redo your deck, or patio, or add in a gazebo as you prepare to enjoy the warmer weather. All of these little touch-ups can make your enjoyment of the space better, and appreciate the resale value of your home should you be planning a sale in the future. 


Repurpose Dated Spaces


If you have underutilized space, consider re-doing it for a new purpose. Turn an extra bedroom into a new office or playroom, or tear down a wall in that unused den and make a larger kitchen. Find a way to make that unused space more functional for your home.


Add Bright Colours


Fun, cheery colours in your space will bring the positive energy you are looking for this spring. Whether you wish to repaint your walls or kitchen cabinets, bright colours will reinvigorate your space with a sense of newness, without spending much in your budget.


Re-Seal Your Windows and Doors

Spring is a great time to reseal the caulking around your windows and doors as the colder climate of winter could have caused cracking. To protect your home from the elements, resealing in spring is a great idea so your home will be ready once winter comes again.


Update Your Comfort


Add some new relaxation zones to your home if your budget allows. If you have an attic, perhaps you can convert it into a hideaway den to enjoy movies or friends. Build a sunroom on the back of your home to add a relaxation space where you can enjoy the spring and summer sunshine.


Retrofit Utilities


Maybe this spring is the year you need to upgrade your furnace or air conditioning unit. Look at more energy-efficient options so you can save money long term. You may also need to update plumbing fixtures if there were any winter-caused damage done to any of your piping!


At Marvellous Contracting, we have the experience and tools required to refresh your space on any sized budget. If you are looking for a  professional home renovation, reach out for a free quote today. 

Written by Aaron P

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