What Not To Do When Working with A Contractor

When you’re ready to start your next big renovation project, you will likely undergo some serious planning and research. Renovations take time and a lot of investment for them to go smoothly and last for a number of years. If you are not the DIY type and will be working with a contractor, it can be just as important to know what not to do before hiring a contractor. Here are three main points to remember before signing the dotted line.


Do Not Work Without A Contract


The contract is the binding agreement between you and the contractor. It sets out the project scope, details, pricing, insurance, warranty, work expected to be completed, and timeline. This protects you from issues with your contractor as its legally binding. Having a contract is the only way you should conduct business with a contractor. Any contractor that asks for a verbal agreement or refuses to sign a detailed contract, is a red flag. You want to be sure your investment is protected and your renovation will go on without any hitches.


Never Pay in Full Upfront


Almost every contractor asks for a deposit or down payment to secure services and start procuring materials. Never give full payment before any work is started. Proper contractors often have supplier accounts that can help them get materials before most payment comes their way. Any contractor that wants full payment before any work starts is another red flag. Ideally, your contractor will set out a payment schedule with you, that is written into the contract. This details when certain instalments are required. And no contractor should be asking for full payment until the entire project is 100% completed. This protects you from a contractor that may just take your money and run and ensures your payments are going directly towards your renovation project. 


Don’t Focus on the Lowest Quotes


While you always want to get the best bid for your project to ensure you remain within budget, it’s not always the wisest. A contractor that provides quotes way under other options should raise red flags for you. Qualified contractors will often be fully bonded and insured, and properly licensed. While you can often get great quotes from reputable contractors, going with contractors that underbid may also result in poor-quality materials, shoddy workmanship, untimely work ethic, lack of communication, and possible ghosting. They also may not have insurance or be accurately covering their costs. This can result in your contractor increasing the price once work begins.  Always look at the fine details and ensure your investment is going towards high-quality results.


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Written by Aaron P

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